About Us

It started with a Food Cart in 2012

Slide Food Cart and Catering offered gourmet sliders and potato chips. After two years, two very cold Wisconsin winters on the food cart and a lot of encouragement packaging the potato chips seemed like a great idea. The first store and still one of the highest volume stores is Metcalfe's Hilldale

Not Your Average Potato Chip

We deep fry each slice of spud in canola oil, add a sprinkle of sea salt and more depending on flavor & hand pack every bag!

The best chips come from the best potatoes. We source local produce and spices to create our unique and bold flavors. Our potatoes are hand-grown in Wisconsin & sourced by Heartland Farms Inc.

Slide Gourmet Potato Chips are available in bars, breweries, restaurants and stores across the Midwest and more are being added all the time! Send us an email and we can find you a store near you!